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Sam Bushman

What is the best client for email? I use outlook 2016 currently but would love better solutions.





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You can, according to what I remember, use screen review commands to see the misspelled word when using the spell checker in Microsoft Word.  Again, as I recall, you can't when using Outlook 2016.  Is there any particular reason you want to use Outlook for e-mail?  There are other clients that don't have this problem.




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I have gone and used the arrow key to go through the document/message. When I got to a misspelled word, I did use the context menu and it worked just fine.

I will be trying out the spell check function when I go and use word. If I have to arrow down through the document, I hope I don’t have a lot of pages to go over since that will be a tedious process.

We’ll see what happens.


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The question is how to hear the misspelled word when running the spell checker, not while typing.  I'm not know if using the screen review commands can read this word.  I seem to recall this being discussed before and it was determined that the Outlook 2016 spell checker can't be used to identify the misspelled word.  I may be wrong but I have a pretty strong memory that that proved to be the case when more than one person experimented with the program.


However, if you have misspelled words flagged while typing, as you suggest, how would you then get a replacement without running the spell checker?  Can you use the context menu while on the misspelled word?



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Hi, William,


Hit insert control D to go to document formatting. Tab to the box that says "report spelling errors" and check it with the space bar. Then tab to the ok button and hit the space bar. To save the configuration,, hit insert control C. That will save your setting.


Hope this helps.




On 11/12/2016 3:08 PM, William Sallander wrote:

Hello everybody:

I’ve just started playing with NVDA on a Windows 10 machine. So far everything has been going along just fine.

I use Outlook 2016 and NVDA seems to work just fine. However, I’ve noticed that when I want to do some spell checking, I press the F7 key to start the spell correction.

NVDA will tell me that there is a spelling error, but I don’t know how to have it tell me what word is wrong.

The only way I can try and figure it out is to go to the suggestions list and try to figure it out from there.

IS THERE A KEY Stroke I can perform to get NVDA to tell me what word is wrong? Where in the documentation is or are these key strokes mentioned?



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