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Is this a launch with a new document, ie empty, or from pointing at the document and loading it that way, or does this make no difference. Is this an installed nvda or a portable, and what is the synth in use?
I have had this happen on older versions of word too, but rarely. I found that doing a reboot of nvda, made it work, but took some seconds to close the old copy as if it had hung. Might be worth getting the nvdaold.log and seeing what is going on when it stops working. I have certainly found that task manager makes it suddenly talk again but most of the log entries I see are core frozen in stack and not very helpful. I have a sneaky suspicion that files made on other versions of word do sometimes make this occur.
Not used 2016 myself as several people I know have had problems with it with various screenreaders before now. Outlook and Word mostly.

I still prefer 2003, but when forced 2010 is not bad.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA unable to focus when I launch word 2016

Hi all,

When I launch word 2016, NVDA freezes and says nothing. I have to quit word
using the task manager. I have tried with narrator and word has started as
expected. The task manager shows word running. I have tried with all add-ons
disabled without success.

OS=windows 10 64bit
What should I do next?

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