Re: IMPORTANT: Joseph Lee will say goodbye to most of his add-ons with version 23.04 releases in March 2023


Joseph, now's a good time to get your Ph.D., as you really have no
family responsibilities, as in kids, etc. I've gone to school both
with & without those responsibilities, and the latter is definitively
easier, not to mention less expensive. Plus, the older you are, often
the less energy you have. It can be a problem when you've got to pull
all nighters. Those get tougher w/the years.

Thank you for your work w/NVDA. It should look great on your resume as
well. Best of happiness & success!

On 2/26/23, Marco Oros <marco.oros93@...> wrote:
I have a question. What will be now with Resource monitor? I use this
addon sometimes.

So, another developers will work on It, or no?

Thank You.


Dňa 20. 2. 2023 o 2:03 Joseph Lee napísal(a):

Hello NVDA community,

The following is end of life notice for the following add-ons:
Enhanced Touch Gestures, Event Tracker, GoldWave, Object Location
Tones, ObjPad, Office Desk, Resource Monitor, Sound Splitter,

As I announced a few weeks ago, with the release of NVDA 2023.1
compatible versions of the listed add-ons, I hereby announce that
version 23.04 (tentatively scheduled for late March 2023) will be the
last releases from me. Effective February 13, 2023, I ended
maintenance for these add-ons, with version 23.04 to focus on
localization updates. I understand that people have shown interest in
maintaining some add-ons, and I will formally accept maintenance and
follow-up requests starting February 27^th (discussion of maintenance
is the scope of add-ons list, not here at this time). As I also
announced previously, the key reason for ending maintenance of these
add-ons is to reduce community workload with more graduate school on
the way, and perhaps continue on a journey toward exiting the
community. After March 2023, the only add-ons I will maintain are
Add-on Updater and Windows App Essentials (no new add-ons) until they,
too, are declared end of life in the future.

The add-ons I’m formally declaring end of life are impactful not only
for me, but for the entire community. I began serious add-on
development with Resource Monitor, a tool that has become valuable for
many in recent years. For touchscreen users, I hope Enhanced Touch
Gestures opened more possibilities as you use NVDA’s touch interaction
features. I owe much gratitude to users of GoldWave and
StationPlaylist for trying to persuade me to become a radio
broadcaster (podcasts and broadcasting is something I once thought of
doing, but I found that I want to teach in a more academic setting and
in other places). I know that Object Location Tones and ObjPad are
valuable tools for some of you as you interact with various elements
on screen. Sound Splitter became an important tool for people
attending online meetings (the code for that add-on originally came
from Tony’s Enhancements, and I thank Tony Malykh for his hard work).
There are things from Event Tracker that made to NVDA as of 2023.1,
and I hope some of you find that add-on useful as you debug things.
Office Desk has lots of potential – I originally published the add-on
with the goal of leading a group of developers working on improved
Microsoft 365 support, and I hope the add-on can become a more useful
tool in the future.

To all users of these end of life add-ons, I thank you from bottom of
my heart for feedback, staying with me throughout late night debugging
sessions, pull requests, and everything else you did to make these
add-ons what they are today. I hope these add-ons can find new homes
where they can be improved and serve the needs of the NVDA community
for years to come.



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