Re: how to deal with webpages's dialogs in a easy way


Alexandre, if I'm not getting what I expect from a page, I often just
go to the bottom (ctrl end), to see if a dialog is there. Hit spacebar
to focus it. They are a pita-&-a-half, that's for sure. And they do
violate w3c guidelines, but no one seems to give a flying flip about

On 3/4/23, Alexandre Alves Toco <alexandretoco@...> wrote:

many webpages, after filling a form for example, showes a dialog with
messages and further buttons.

To reach there, I have to read the page with the cursor arros or use tab
key. The problem is that I can't know if the page popped one of these
dialogs and I also have to read the intire page to find them.

The forms's fields commands such as b for next button, f for next form
field, etc only work when I enter the dialog.

My questions are:

Is there any way to check if the page has a dialog?

Is there a method to focus it in a fast way?

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