Re: NVDA 2023.1 Release Candidate now available

Mike Sedmak

This may be off topic, but why is the Spanish catalog ahead of the
english catalog? And what does it mean to be in the spanish catalog
versus the english catalog? Do both contain cross-translations, or is
that on a per app basis?


On 3/6/23, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:
The spanish catalog have the add-ons with all translations available...

Even for other language than spanish, you can download it from the
spanish catalog...

Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team

Às 19:23 de 06/03/2023, Shaun Everiss escreveu:

Well I noticed skype and one other addon were not showing but were
showing in spanish, but realy, since I know where to get them without
spanish I was able to just go get them.

Some of the addons I need to download source and change manafests but
then thats 1 without a release so whatever.

The rest not sure.

There are a bunch that don't work but thats about it.

winamp, dropbox, addons help documentation and tony's enhancements to
name a few but nothing has been updated after 1.13 and 1.14 does exist
on tony's git for ages now.

On 7/03/2023 5:18 am, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi, Likely the Spanish catalog may have 2.6 showing, and if so, looks
like it's time to send it off to add-on store so Add-on Updater too
can pick it up.



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