Stopping the speaking of the window title in Microsoft excel when using the mouse to move around an excel sheet or when returning to a workbook

Pranav Lal

Hi all,

My wife is a magnification user. She has experienced damage to her optic
nerve and her vision has deteriorated further. She has begun using nvda.
This means that she is using a mix of magnification and screen reading.

She does a lot of work with Microsoft excel. She is navigating on a
spreadsheet by using the mouse. When she does this, many times, nvda speaks
the full file name of the workbook.

As a pure screen reader user, you absolutely need this information but not
as a partly sighted user.

Is there any way to stop the speaking of the file name?

I have tried the following.
1. Created a separate configuration profile for excel which is loaded
2. Turn off the reporting of dynamic content changes.

This has not helped.

I am open to other suggestions.

Putting nvda to sleep is not an option because she would still like the
feedback of the screen reader when entering values.

Anyone any ideas short of my trying to write an add-on that would block the
reading of the window title in excel?

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