Status Update: FW: Is the Acapela Addon Compatible with NVDA 2023.1

David Goldfield

I wrote to Acapela Group to ask about the status of their addon with the upcoming 2023.1 release of NVDA. Here is their response.


From: Acapela Group Support <support@...>


Hello David,

Yes the updated Acapela TTS for NVDA module is currently in beta preview. It will be released soon.

Best Regards

On 08/03/2023 15:04, David Goldfield wrote:

Hello. As NVDA 2023.1 is an addon breaking release will your addon offer compatibility with it? I wish you had a Sapi 5 version. This way I could purchase it and use it with any version of NVDA.


David Goldfield,

Blindness Assistive Technology Specialist

NVDA Certified Expert


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