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Yes its not even just 2010, this strange effect can occur way back to word xp. its as if the whole file is designed as a big text box rather than just part of the native file.

Unfortunately with accessibility, if some part of word does not fire the right event for a screenreader to recognise often there is no way one can get at the text reliably.

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This problem isn't exclusive to Office 2016.11.14
To our absolute frustration, we experienced the same problem in Office 2010
on Friday.

You see, we asked one of our churches to send the programme for the service
to us. We received the Word document, which indicated that it was the right
size to contain text, however, when we opened the document, NVDA read
nothing whatsoever. NVDA couldn't even do a word count or anything. What
made it even more strange, was that, when we selected the text, I could see
that the document wasn't blank.

We tried to convert it to text in the hope that something would happen, but
still nothing. So we took the document to one of our sigted colleagues, who
simply clicked on the text and cut it out of the frame which made it legible
with immediate effect.

Kind regards

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I've seen this as well, indeed I had to get my doctor to remove all text
boxes and reformat the text as paragraphs before it would even be possible
to cut and paste them or read them in a screenreader.
As this was dietary information it was most important that it was readable
to me. Of course the producers of these files obviously has no idea about
access issues, I doubt if it even crossed their minds.

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Re: GitHub REFERENCE: "elements in a word document are not read #5738"

I have a Word document that contains two appendices which are set out as
"Text Boxes" that NVDA calls "Text Frame" when it gets into the BOX. The
only way that I can find to get into the BOX is to find A particular word
that is known to be contained in the box. I see that this is a problem
raised in GitHub and still unassigned. The sample given in the GitHub
reference is a perfect illustration of what I mean and so you can
the problem from there if you wish.

Has anyone found a way to navigate these boxes? I understand that the
difficulty is that they can float and so it is difficult for the screen
reader to lock on to them.

As a matter of interest, I copied the entire document, including the two
appendices, into clipboard in hopes of removing the text frames but the
Windows "cut and paste" also failed to trap the contents of the text

I had a sighted person do the same on their machine, and they were
to find that the contents of the text boxes, which they could see clearly
the Word document, failed to paste into their notepad session!

Any thoughts would be more than welcome.

All the best,


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