Re: code factory vocalizer/eloquence addon

David Goldfield

I also took a chance and updated the manifest file for both the Code Factory voices as well as the Acapela addons. I realize this isn't always recommended but I decided to try it and both of these sets of voices are working with the 2023.1 release candidate.
I also wanted to remind people that Code Factory does offer Sapi 5 versions of their Eloquence voices. The benefit of purchasing this package is that it's not an addon and so the voices don't break when addon-breaking releases become available.

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Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2023 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] code factory vocalizer/eloquence addon

I updated the manifest.ini and it is working pretty fine. with 2023.1 last release.

Em 10/03/2023 17:47, Sarah k Alawami escreveu:
They will do it when they do it, normally 2-3 weeks after public release. I think the longest was about a month, I cannot remember now.

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Subject: [nvda] code factory vocalizer/eloquinse addon

I have contacted Code Factory customer support asking when a update will be released for the NVDA vocalizer/eloquinse addon for NVDA 2023.1 and have not gotten any response. Anyone else tried to contact them?

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