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Seamonkey does work pretty well with NVDA and for those who like to have their browser/email stuffed into the same package, it's pretty nice. For the most part, all of the plugins that you are used to using on firefox will work too, minus just a few that are updated in such a way as to make them only work inside the firefox specific way of doing things. Either way, it's definitely worth grabbing it and seeing what ya think.
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On 11/14/2016 7:47 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

Seamonkey and Firefox share a lot of common cyber-DNA (going all the way back to Netscape) and are both under the Mozilla Foundation.  I see no reason why it wouldn't work perfectly well under Windows 10.  I do not know how accessible it is, though, unless the scripts for Firefox work for it or there were ones written specifically for Seamonkey.

I used Seamonkey for many years before I decided I didn't need or want anything other than a web browser, at which point I started using Firefox.

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