Re: Using nvda for my wife who is permanently mute (speaking whole sentences upon completion)

Chris Mullins


Try using the following instructions and see if you can get better results:

Press NVDA+NumRow 6 until you hear NVDA announce "Caret moves Review Cursor On".  This ensures the NVDA review Cursor will follow the visible cursor, which should make the NumPad 8 keypress work properly.

Use the windows Notepad app for your wife to type her sentences into.  I believe the app changed in Windows  11 but as I am on Windows 10, I have no experience of that version.


The first time you use Notepad, Press alt+o to open the Format sub-menu and ensure Word wrap is unchecked.  This will allow your wife to type longer sentences.  Notepad will remember this setting so it is not neccessary to do this every time NotePad is opened.    


The NVDA+UpArrow and NumPad 8  commands should read the line containing the cursor  as others have described.


Some other commands which your wife may find useful when Playing back text she has typed:


NVDA+DownArrow - Speak continuously, Reads text continuously from the current cursor position.

Control key - Stop continuous speech dead, no resumption. 

Shift key - Pause continuous speech, press again to resume from pause point.

Control+Home - move cursor to beginning of document

Control+End - Move cursor to end of document.  Pressing this followed by Enter should put focus on a blank line at the end of the document.   



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From: Rui Fontes
Sent: 16 March 2023 11:28
Subject: Re: [nvda] Using nvda for my wife who is permanently mute (speaking whole sentences upon completion)


Try the following:

Press NVDA+Control+K to open NVDA configurations in keyboard section;

Tab untill Enter key stops speech and uncheck it;

Save the configurations and try...


Best regards,

Rui Fontes
NVDA portuguese team


Às 05:37 de 16/03/2023, makkenai escreveu:

I appreciate your help so much, i have followed every step and your instructions very clear and understandable unfortunately it doesnt seem to work, i have even tried it on my newer system with windows 11 pro and the latest nvda updated completely .. i was really excited for this cause it would be exactly what she needs. About chat she had mirc with speech on unfortunately we have a unstable wifi connect  and the chat is often more acting up this way then being bentficial .. also hearing  the nickname constatly being spoken on each sentence. I hear you also with other comments  i appreciate all the replies .. its all do able sure but her condition we really want to have the easiest way for her , she already has her hands full with dealing with medical supplies. Thank you kindly mak


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