Re: mP3SPLT was Program to split long voice recordings


Janet, because the command line is generally text-only, it can be
easier to use as a sight-impaired person. Additionally, w/the help of
something called a "batch file", the shortcut to which can be on your
desktop, if it's constructed in the right way, you can just type in
the filename, how long you want the splits to be, etc. The command
line is ever so cool! I use it every chance I get when it makes sense
to do so, and that's often many times a day.

On 3/17/23, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
On Fri, Mar 17, 2023 at 11:45 AM, Janet Brandly wrote:

I just want to do my job, not to become a  programmer.
Janet, the CLI is just another way to run a program, and for those who are
blind or visually impaired, it can often be much, much easier than using a

One of the quotations I snagged years ago (and when I was a heavy duty
programmer) applies to those who aren't, too:

A GUI is to a command-line as a TV is to a book.

~ Scott Hess

It's not that I expect anyone to become wildly proficient with myriad
command line commands.  But it would behoove you to get over the idea that
those are only something that programmers use, because they're not.  There
are some things I still choose to do via command line because it's just so
darned much easier than dealing with the GUI (Graphical User Interface -
e.g, Windows) for the same functionality.

If you were wanting, for instance, to split a multi-hour long MP3 file into
15 minute segments, I can guarantee you that doing so with MP3Split is much
easier than any sound editor with a GUI.


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