Re: Com Registration Tool Breaking Alt-Tab?


Travis, if you have a gaming keyboard, there are often extra keys,
i.e., keys not part of the standard keyboard, that intentionally
disable the Windows key.

On 3/19/23, Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...> wrote:
I don't know the solution to your issue, but my windows key hasn't
worked for over a year.  I have no idea what broke it, but shift-f10
brings up the context menu (well, that's the applications key, not the
windows one, but same idea), and control-escape brings me to the search
box where I can tab to get to the list of installed programs, so the
fact that my windows key doesn't really bother me.  I know it's an
inconvenience, but there are plenty of windows shortcut keys to do
things that you'd otherwise use the windows key for, so it's really not
a deal breaker.

On 3/19/2023 12:40 PM, Brandon Keith Biggs wrote:
I ran the com registration tool last night to see if I could fix a
bug, and instead of fixing the bug, it broke alt-tab.
When I press alt+tab now, I hear "desktop 1" and when I press NVDA+t,
I hear "program manager". I can move around my desktop just fine, but
when I press alt+tab again, I hear the old window I was on for half a
second, then NVDA announces "Desktop 1" again and focus moves back to
the desktop.
The only ways I'm able to move around my windows are using the jump to
window addon and using keyboard shortcuts.
Pressing windows+tab doesn't say anything, but when I press my arrow
keys, nothing happens, and when I press NVDA+t, I hear "explorer".
I'm using the latest version of Windows 11 pro (Version 10.0.22621
Build 22621), and NVDA installed 2022.4.0.27401.4 (latest stable
I get the same result when I restart my computer and when I run NVDA
without addons. This happened after running the com registration tool
in NVDA tools menu, and rerunning the tool doesn't fix the problem.
This was not a problem before running the com registration tool.
Other oddities:
The windows key now does not bring up the start menu, windows+d does
nothing, but windows+m will show the desktop, tabbing off the desktop
will get to the weather widget, then stop talking and go to a window
titled "explorer", at that point, the only way to exit is by pressing
If I shift tab after pressing windows+b, I hear desktop button, search
button, and start button, but hitting enter on these only says "button
pressed" and "Button unpressed", nothing else happens (they should
bring up the start menu, search box, or jump to the desktop I believe).
Any ideas of what to do to fix this? My computer is almost unusable at
this point.

Brandon Keith Biggs <>

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