Re: Com Registration Tool Breaking Alt-Tab?


Travis, they all differ. My disable windows key is the 3rd one on the
left, pretty much under the f1 key. Unfortunately, most of these don't
announce their functions via the screen reader's input help facility.
Some do, however, so it might be worth doing that w/the keys to see if
any are announced and therefore which ones you can eliminate.

You could likely try pressing them 1 by 1 & then trying the Windows
key. If 1 mutes your screen reader, then by doing it that way you know
which key you pressed and can easily toggle it again. you might also
want to make sure 1 of those key presses doesn't turn off your wifi,
though that's not as likely w/a gaming keyboard, since most games
require being online.

That's the last I'll say on this topic, as it's likely straying fairly
far afield from NVDA.

On 3/19/23, Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> wrote:
Wired keyboards, and fully functional ones, are available dirt cheap at
virtually any thrift shop you walk into.  It's worth having one just for
doing diagnostic testing when stuff like this comes up to try to rule out or
rule in issues with your primary keyboard.

I keep two in the trunk of my car, which I bought for less than $2.50 each,
so if I'm at a client site and something seems to be wrong that might be
keyboard related I have a spare to use for checking.  [Yes, I did test them
immediately after purchase to make sure they didn't have any bad keys.  At
that price, if they did, I consider it a donation and pitch the keyboard.]

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