Re: Is it true: no Microsoft Office stand-alone editions anymore after 2021?


Ok. At the risk of getting in trouble, I'm going to say this, & then
I'm off this topic.

For those interested, stack Social
is selling MS Office Professional 2021 as a standalone app for just under $50.

Please note I am not in any way affiliated w/Stack Social. I have used
this myself though, and the download and install process has worked
flawlessly. As always, y m m v.

On 3/19/23, Robert Doc Wright godfearer <godfearer@...> wrote:
i'm running Office 2021E xcel is my main reason for needing the suite.
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Well, I have a need for Access, which had even more costs. It is debatable
whether an Office XP version will be more expensive to update to the newer
versions of access, than would be a complete rewrite, as the original has a
lot of visual basic scripts in it though.

Yes agree about Outlook. As I have said before, it is a great pity
Microsoft did not keep up development of Outlook Express instead of re
inventing things like Live mail and mail and news with various access
issues, then that awful Windows mail.
It is important for me to see emails off line, and Outlook the way its
going is becoming just a web page.

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I use jarte plus and it does meet my needs. It has a built-in spell
Hope this helps.


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Subject: [nvda] Is it true: no microsoft stand-alone additions anymore

Dear listers

For those in the know.

Will there not be any further editions of: Microsoft Office products in
stand-alone form after the 2021 version?

For my office requirements. I don't need or want supposedly the benefits
Office 365.

If such is the case, then could someone recommend any good stand-alone word
processors which work with nvda and have spell checking functionality built

Many thanks


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