Re: making a program accessible (was spss inaccessibility: absolutely inexcusable)


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I know NVDA doesn't have a label icons feature, that's why I'm asking how/what to do to make this program accessible.  If it entails writing a script, that's fine, but where do I find information on writing scripts for NVDA? If it entails something else, that's fine too, but where do I find said information to accomplish the task.

It doesn't matter what's required, I just need to know what that is, and where to go to get information on said requirements.

On 11/16/2016 1:06 PM, Gene wrote:
NVDA doesn't have a label icons feature.  I suppose if you knew how to write scripts for NVDA, you could do it but there is no user feature. 
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Subject: [nvda] making a program accessible (was spss inaccessibility: absolutely inexcusable)

Actually, this thread brings up something I've been wondering about
myself.  I have a program I use that isn't all that accessible with
NVDA.  I don't know the first thing about how to make a program
accessible with NVDA.  How would one go about working to make a program
accessible.  It largely seems to be a matter of making NVDA see various
icons on the screen, and labeling those icons.  The demo of jaws sees
the icons (NVDA does not), though even jaws doesn't know what those
icons are, so with this information in hand, how would one go about
making NVDA see these icons, and provide labels to them so they can be
properly identified?

I have no problem doing the work myself, I just don't know how/what to
do.  There isn't anything in the NVDA manual discussing this topic, and
there probably should be.

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