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NVDA is not able to show the position of the Cursor visually.
Screenreaders that can do that are VoiceOver on iOS and Narrator for
Windows 8 and higher. They put a rectangle around the focussed
HTH Domingos

2016-11-17 16:28 GMT+01:00, Brian Vogel <>:

Not that I can help Ralph, but I will echo the situation he reports.   As a
sighted JAWS tutor who, for obvious reasons, does still rely on sight as
part of my sensory input when doing anything in day-to-day life, one of the
things that has driven me crazy is that no effort is made to have what's
shown on the display itself follow the virtual cursor when long documents,
whether web pages or other, are being read.

There are tons of times in daily life when someone wants to call someone
else over to "have a look" at something but when you're dealing with a
screen reader very often what you as "a sightee" are actually looking at has
absolutely no relation to what a screen reader user is hearing and trying to
find it is no easy task.  It also often involves completely screwing up the
place where the screen reader had been as well.

One improvement that any screen reader could have is linking scrolling on
the display to match the travel of the virtual cursor.

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