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Kevin Cussick

I might get this as I have got a bit snippy when needing help. and My daughter has said something different than what I was hearing. I new about this but didn't even think about it thanks for the heads up.Brian,

I was thrilled when the add-on was announced. I kept having squabbles with my sighted husband and son, whenever I needed help and I said I was viewing something they couldn't see...

This add-on may not be perfect, as you say (there's always room for improvement!), but it did solve a lot of intricate situations when I needed help and could get it much quicker...



I 17/11/2016 18:51, Brian Vogel ha scritto:


I am ashamed to say that this did not even enter my mind even
though I long ago installed this add-on on my own machine to assist me
in following where NVDA is focused.

I will also add that it is not perfect, but it's so darned
good that it could serve as an example of how this can be done.

For myself, I probably wouldn't even need the actual highlight
boxes if screen readers do what NVDA and this add-on do together, and
that's make what's showing on the screen actually reflect what's got
focus (or very near to it). Very often what's got focus can be pages
ahead of what's showing on the screen. I understand that what's
showing on the screen is utterly irrelevant to someone who's blind,
but I assume, particularly in work contexts, that there is a lot of
interaction between blind and sighted colleagues and this particular
behavior leaves both sides of a "hey, take a look at this" situation
in a suboptimal position.


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