Turning off input help if you activate numlock inbetween

Jacob Kruger

Not a bug report or anything, but, just a warning since it seems slightly odd, and, took me roundabout 2 seconds to realise what had happened...<smile>

Was double-checking layout of numpad keys for something else, so turned on NVDA's input help using NVDA key + number row 1.

Anyway, ran through all the numpad keys, including hitting just the numlock key, and, it did still turn on numlock, which meant that suddenly all the numpad keys were reporting their number characters, along with stating that numlock was being included - numlock numpad 5, for example.

Anyway, all this meant was that to then turn off input help, I first had to press numlock key by itself again, before then using the original keystroke of NVDA + number row 1, since otherwise it just reported numlock numpad 0, followed by 1 to me, but, kept input help turned on.

And, if relevant, this is on my windows 10, anniversary upgrade, 64 bit machine, and, running NVDA 2016.3, with full desktop keyboard layout.

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