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If you make your current one into a temp copy and then install the latest master, you can test it now. If you do not like it, just reinstall the old one from the temp copy. it will probably warn you that its not a good idea to downdate, but thus far I've seen no issues in the 2016 series in fact.
I'd not suggest you judge the new version from a temp copy cos if you are using windows 8 or 10 the portable copies are far less usable for whatever reason. Many programs no longer work or in part they don't Jamie says its the use of the newer accessibility apis which need to be used with admin privs to be of any use.
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My Firefox just updated to version 50 and I am not having any of the problematic issues that others have reported.
I am still using NVDA v16.1-- have not upgraded yet to the newer versions of NVDA.
After reading one list member's comments saying that NVDA v16.4 will likely work fine with the latest Firefox, I plan to wait for this one to come out before upgrading this year.

Thanks everyone, for what you've shared.

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Subject: Re: [nvda] The New Firefox version
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Firefox is indeed getting worse and
worse. I'm looking into abandoning
it altogether, and would already have done so, if it weren't
Webvisum, which I need fairly frequently.

Rumola never worked for me, so I'm stuck for now... Until



Il 17/11/2016 18:18, Brian's Mail list account ha scritto:
Apart from a few issues version 48 will work on all
windows from xp up.
Sadly things started to go bad on 49 amd seemingly
continue to get
worse after that.
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I can't say I don't blame you.

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It seems to only happen if I edit the end of an
address bar.
Right now I have selected the end of the bar in the
case of twitter
and then hit delete and that works well enough.
However if you screw a site up you have to kill
what you spelt and
hmm well
hit an arrow to get focus.
On the subject of sluggishness I used classic theme
restorer to hide the
toolbars for navigation and remove all colours on
toolbars, this
seemed to
speed things up a little bit.
I also have changed a lot of the newer modern
windows to older
windows as
well as a few extra dom related things with that
Firefox is as fast as it ever was, but its a
disturbing trend that stuff
like this is happening, I am still using it but to
be honest if
security was
not a major issue I'd drop back a version and
either never update or
back to 3x which works however I like to stay as
updated as i can for
security reasons.

On 16/11/2016 11:04 p.m., Gene wrote:
I didn't save earlier messages about Firefox so
I'm answering in a new
thread. I just downloaded and tried the new
version and this problem
appears to be very easily worked around. If
you delete a letter or more
than one in the address bar, simply right arrow
once then start
moving left
again and, at least in my tests, things are read
properly. While this
problem should be corrected, this appears to
resolve the problem.


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