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It depends on the web page. For some reason, these days, a lot of sites use javascript plugins to prevent copying of text from the web content. Simply turning off javascript should (in most cases) allow copy and paste as normal. Plain html has no such protections, so it shouldn't be an issue. Since NVDA needs to interpret the content on the page, it's not quite as restricted as to javascript functionality, since it has it's own buffers for content.

On 11/18/2016 3:47 AM, Brian's Mail list account wrote:
This is an odd one, but maybe somebody here can assist.
Basically, I needed to get some articles out of a web site so I merely highlighted the lines in firefox, and cut and pasted them into word.
Now I'm guessing that I'm using the virtual buffer of nvda to do this, as my sighted friends want to do this but say with a mouse no nvda etc and firefox it simply does not work.
So, is this true. Do we actually have an ability the sighted do not have here?
If so, then if I get them to install nvda, turn of the voice presumably they should now be able to do as I do, but will that work with the mouse or will they have to use the keyboard and possibly need the add on which shows the cursor up on screen in order to do it?
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