Re: Ability to choose sounds versus words for certain notifications

Dave Grossoehme

Good Afternoon:  I’m sorry it’s taken a little while for me to see your message.  It’s not a question as far as the screen reader to have the function in reference.  It’s a question as to what program you are using to receive your email with.  Most email programs have an option to turn on or off a sound for receiving messages.
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From: Brian Vogel
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 4:55 PM
Subject: [nvda] Ability to choose sounds versus words for certain notifications

Someone on one of the other blind technology forums dislikes the announcement of "Collapsed" and "Expanded" when going through e-mail messages in thread view and I know the same thing is done in File Explorer/Windows Explorer in the Tree View.

It seems like it should be possible to assign a "notification sound" much like one does on a smartphone for things like new e-mail having arrived or new text messages, but I don't know that it is in NVDA or any other screen reader.  I can understand why one might want to limit the verbosity for this sort of thing while keeping it largely in place for other stuff.

Is this possible in NVDA?   Does anyone happen to know whether it's supported in any other screen reader?

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