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well on radio one of the blind djs I listen to says one of his uncles who is a truck driver or something likes to run jaws to read him his stuff so he can read the news paper while he drives his truck.

On 19/11/2016 9:40 p.m., Felix G. wrote:
in Firefox, under Preferences / Advanced / General tab, there is an
accessibility section. One of the check boxes it provides allows text
highlighting with the keyboard. That may be what your friend is looking for.
I also often run into those situations where sighted people marvel at the
efficiency of using a screen reader. A close friend of mine sometimes even
turns on NVDA without speech to get the link list and the full text search,
and I have known at least one sighted person who likes to have text read to
her by Espeak.
Surreal but true.
Kind regards,

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...> schrieb am Fr., 18. Nov. 2016 um
17:30 Uhr:

If the website(s) in question can be shared I'd love to take a look at

As Travis has noted, there are ways to prevent copy and paste of all sorts
of things on webpages, but for something like a web address to another web
page I've not seen that done. It could be a part of some other protected
object that a sighted user is intentionally prevented from copying.

Going from the abstract to the actual is the only way I know of to
determine what's actually happening for you that somehow isn't happening
for your colleagues. A simple copy and paste of URLs/web addresses should
always work as far as if you can copy and paste them into an e-mail or
document others should be able to follow those to their respective

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