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Oh okay. I needed to go to bed! Loll! What had happened the Audio file was supposed to be Jeopardy! But it ended up being Judge Judy. When I opened the link in my sent files. It would not download. I went to my drop box on the site and downloaded it. It worked I find out it was wrong! It was Judge Judy!  I thought my computer was going crazy! It’s the operator!  Loll!  Whoever put both Jeopardy and Judge Judy did not name it Judge Judy.  I did not think to check because if it’s Jeopardy. Then Jeopardy would play. This win 7 is getting old.


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If you can send real public links, they may not have anything at the end.  If you are sharing links, which can be used in the same way but are technically different, there will be dl=0 at the end.  As far as dl=1 is concerned, it's always a good idea, when sending a public link or a shared link, to make sure dl=1 is at the end.  If it isn't there, some people will have a file play if its an audio file.  I'm not sure if other files ever open instead of download.  But Drop box is set up to cause dl=1 to force a download of a file, no matter what kind of file it is and no matter what browser and settings in the browser or other programs are used.  I always make sure dl=1 is at the end of any file I send to anyone.



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Yes indeed. Dropbox links sometimes do come up with nothing on the end, but
I have no idea why this happens sometimes and not others. I can confirm the
dl 1 and zeio system of forcing it to run or download, but I think when its
not there the decision lies withhow you set up the browser to react.

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When you send the link, try adding ?dl=1 to the end of the link.  Look at
the syntax character by character to make sure you see exactly what I wrote.
Note the     question mark at the beginning.  If the link already has ?dl=0
at the end, delete the 0 and place a 1 there.  You only have to add the rest
if it isn't already there.

This has nothing to do withh Internet Explorer.  It's a Drop Box matter.
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Hi list. How do you fix drop box dell in IE 11. I can share public link When
I pretended to down load my link it will not let me download it. How do I
fix this problem?

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