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Roger Stewart

Someone mentioned that the checking for virus database updates in Defender could be set with Task Scheduler. I tried looking around in it and I find a long list of tasks that it can schedule but I didn't find anything in there about Defender or Windows Defender.  There were several listings for things I couldn't identify at all as they just had very cryptic names with a bunch of numbers and letters.  Maybe one of these is it, but I couldn't identify Defender at all. Can someone tell me how to find and set a schedule for it?  I've never used that scheduler before.



On 11/19/2016 11:44 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:

I have seen virtually any antivirus or security suite you can name either praised to the high heavens or called almost completely useless.  It really depends on who's doing the reviewing and the metrics they're using.

As has been said here, and elsewhere, antivirus programs are not and should not be considered your first line of defense against infection.  Your own browsing habits play a far, far greater role in that.  Good browsing hygiene will keep you quite safe, if not 100% so.

If you have not been infected nor had whatever antivirus or security program you've been using report anything being quarantined in a very long time you can be reasonably certain that your browsing habits are OK.  If you're constantly infected or have things quarantined without actually having been infected it would be very wise to start looking at precisely when, how, and why this is happening.  Most infections are the direct result of user action, not some backdoor entry.

Windows Defender has proven more than adequate for more users on more machines than I can count at this point in my career.   Nothing is perfect, some competitors may be better, but Windows Defender is not even close to "junk".

This thread entitled, Windows Defender as an integral part of Windows 10, which just started yesterday on's Windows 10 Support Forum, is worth reading [disclaimer: I've got two posts in that thread so far, but that's not why I think it's worth looking at].

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