Re: Anti Virus


I have yet to see any virus/malware or similar that can physically destroy hardware.   Some of these infections are truly hideous, and can basically brick your computer, but if you have someone who can wipe the hard drive and reinstall an operating system from scratch (be it Windows or other) I have never seen a machine that cannot be rise like a phoenix from the smoldering ashes of a really virulent infection.

Whether or not that makes economic sense to attempt is another story altogether.  I've advised a number of clients to not waste their money having me do such on old hardware with an old OS when buying even a low end new computer gets them hardware that's light years ahead of what they've got.  I then run whatever "exorcism" software I think necessary on their old machine's hard drive while it's attached as though it were intended as an external hard drive before doing a simple data transfer for any old files they would rather not lose (and very often that's photographs that they do not have backed up).

One thing that I tell every client, friend, acquaintance, or random passer-by on a group such is this one is that the first investment you should make if you don't have one already is for an external backup drive, and preferably one that's entirely USB powered and intended for a laptop even if you intend to use it on a desktop or for backing up multiple machines.   These are incredibly cheap insurance and if you keep it hooked up to your primary machine with a backup program that keeps constant versioned backups of your precious data files it can save you a world of hurt in the event of a hard disc crash or malicious infection.

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