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On Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 11:10 am, Gene wrote:
Empahsizing the importance of the user knowing how to protect him/herself may be construed by some as an implied view that it is unimportant to use antimalware programs if you know how to protect yourself in other ways.

That would be an even greater folly than spending hours worrying about precisely what antivirus you're running, so long as you're using any antivirus or security suite.

This class of program is an essential component of operating any computer that interacts with cyberspace, particularly any Windows computer, since Windows is the most popular target for viruses and malware since it's got the biggest embedded base.

Just for the record, those who use Macs, are on Android or iOS powered smartphones, and, now, even Linux are fooling themselves if they don't have some sort of security scanner running on those platforms as well.   All have reached the critical mass of embedded base where, while not as popular or "as much fun due to amount of devastation" for virus/malware coders, there are enough users to make them targets.   They get hit a lot less frequently, but they do get hit.

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