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Another member of this list explained how to get the Drop Box application to run with Xp even though it isn't supposed to any longer.  I tried the procedure and it works.
Here is my recollection of the procedure.
When you run Drop Box, you will be asked to sign in and you will hear a short cut command.  Execute that command. 
I believe your default browser opens to the log in page.  Whatever opens, log in.
You can then use Drop Box as previously.  You don't have to keep logging in.  I did this procedure once and after some synchronization by the application, things were back to normal again.

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Hello David,

dropbox works on windows above xp, and maybe even vista is out of the loop these days.

Running either of those operating systems, you must go on line to manage your dropbox folders.  But the desktop app is fine on
seven, eight.1 and 10.  The web site offers a few challenges, but
can be managed just about.

I know nothing of e-books publishing, or e-books desktop apps,
other than Kindle.

Can't comment on one drive or google drive either.
But messages i have seen, suggest that both will have their
problems, but these can be overcome.

If you are wanting to back-up, take a look at carbonite.
good luck.


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"David Russell" <david.sonofhashem@...> wrote:

Hello NVDA group,
Websites like highly recommend author Dave Gunn's
"Accessible eBook Guidelines ....." (title snipped). Have you found
accessibility and or compatibility with major eBook publishing
programs used with a screen reader to be a real, major, challenge or

This question is more for those with no vision or very limited vision.

Alongside that, Dropbox may work well with IOS devices compared to
desktops or laptops, but what cloud portals work well with desktops
and laptops?

Thanks for your input.

David Russell

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