Re: Anti Virus


On Sat, Nov 19, 2016 at 02:26 pm, Antony Stone wrote:
If it's an "almost guaranteed failure", then the spammers / malware-spreaders
would have moved on to something else by now - after all, they only do what
they get a benefit from.

 Because "almost guaranteed" isn't "guaranteed."

Anyone who's got any sort of modern antivirus at all is virtually guaranteed to be safe from this sort of stuff.   That there are untold millions without any antivirus or who have paid antivirus programs for which they've ignored many prompts about the need to renew cannot be doubted - at least not if you do this for a living like I do (partly) and have been slack-jawed that some people are so cavalier and/or stupid.

I don't know what benefit most malware developers get other than kicks.  So much of it, though not anywhere near to all, isn't trying to steal anything nor is it ransomware.  At least I understand why those trying for identity theft or blackmail are doing this for, the others are even more twisted as far as I'm concerned.

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