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David Moore

I love golden cursor and use it all of the time. You can press the arrow keys to move the mouse in that direction. You don’t need sighted assistance to mark places, because here is what you can do with the golden cursor. Press windows+NVDA+P to get the pixel position of where the mouse pointer is at. The default for most screens is 1,366 pixels across, and 768 pixels down. The left is 0 and the top is 0. The X position is given and then the Y position. For example, the start button is at the position: 24 748. In other words, the mouse pointer is 24 pixels to the right of the left edge of the screen, and 748 pixels down from the top. This is almost at the very bottom left corner of the screen. You can get a very good picture of where things are on the screen by pressing that command and finding out what pixel position things are on the screen. Now, to save a pixel position, press CTRL+NVDA+L. type in the X and Y numbers without a space, and then space and write what that position is, like start bottom, for example. In other words, you would type: 24748 start button. Just press enter, and you have saved that position on the screen just like a book marker. Now, to open a list of positions you have saved, just press shift+NvDA+L and arrow to the position and press enter. The mouse pointer will go right to that position. You can access places in programs only by doing this mouse pointer movement and clicking with the mouse. You can always read with the review cursor and use object navigation as well to get to a certain place, and press numb pad insert+numb pad slash to route the mouse pointer to the review cursor. The laptop position is shift+NVDA+M to do the routing. I would like to ask right here if any work is being done on Golden Cursor, because I think that is so powerful, because you can find the position the pointer is on the screen and save that position like a book mark. That is so powerful that it makes me jump up and down. You can use your mouse or touch pad like a sighted person by using the Golden Cursor. You can also go to ease of access center and set your computer to move the mouse pointer with the mum lock turned on instead of off to use NVDA commands.
David Moore

From: Richard Kuzma via Groups.Io
Sent: Saturday, November 19, 2016 8:07 PM
Subject: [nvda] mouse movement

There is an add in called golden cursor.

You will need sighted assistance to place the mouse where you want to mark.

Its been a while since I used it, so would have to review how it works.

Also, I took a usb mouse and covered the mouse part on the bottom that tracks the pointer around and use it just for clicking on things,

This makes it very easy to use and you don’t have to worry about moveing the pointer around when you don’t want it to move.


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