Re: google text to speech with NVDA add-on

Bhavya shah

I am absolutely unsure if Google text to speech is open source
software or not, and even if it can be ported to Windows, that too
NVDA, however, being an Android user myself, I can certainly vouch for
the natural, pleasant and clear speech of this engine. The sole reason
why I, and many other Android users cannot even consider using this as
our primary text to speech engine is because of its unresponsiveness,
though I don't know if a Windows port, if possible, could improve upon
that downside, and make Google text to speech reasonably responsive.
It supports an increasing list of languages around the world, and
apart from unresponsiveness, I would go ahead and say that it is
pretty much at par with Vocalizer and Acapella.

On 3/19/16, aikeo koomanivong <> wrote:
Windows TTS best but not much languages TTS, google right now have
more than 8 TTS languages and quality not better than Vocalizer but
it’s free, for vocalizer or Acapela group – Voice it’s very nice but
it’s not free many blind people are living in the low-income family
then they are looking for crack because they need to using they own
You know when NVDA not create yet or on those NVDA still not good
almost of the blind using JAWS in the demo or crack
So for myself from 3years ago until now I’m installed and using NVDA
in the main screen-reader
So for My students who are not using NVDA but them using JAWS with
unreal License Key I’ll not teach them
I posed this topic because I wish in the future we will have a google
TTS on NVDA add-on
I love and like NVDA it can used USB Flash Drive to run any computers
without installing
Right now I’m making 1st audio book in LAO to promote the blind
learning basic computer with NVDA

On 3/19/16, Lino Morales <> wrote:
No not me. Those voices are a bit better than ESpeak, but not great. I
doubt this will ever happen. If I had the money I'd buy the Vocalizer
voices before I load a sh***ty sounding synth for NVDA.

On 3/17/2016 10:56 PM, Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I would like to see that as well; if it has Thai language, then that
synth might be able to replace Vocalizer for NVDA that I'm using, if
the speech quality will be just as good.

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