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I tried the RSS reader that is a part of the Webbie package and, while easy to use, I found that notices aren't necessarily in chronological order.  You may want to try it and see what your experience is but that's one reason I stopped using it, because I didn't have any way to be sure I wasn't missing new material without looking at every item in the list of entries for whatever feed I wanted to follow.  If others have a solution to this, it might prove useful to people who want an easy to use reader.  I haven't tried others so I can't directly answer your question but my answer may help you if you evaluate this reader.

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Sent: Sunday, November 20, 2016 6:47 AM
Subject: [nvda] third party rss readers

Has anyone found a desktop rss reader that works well with NVDA?  I'm currently using, which is a distinctly dissatisfactory service.

Christopher Bartlett

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