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I will preface this with:  I know nothing about the Golden Cursor add-on and what follows is not intended as any sort of comment about its utility.

Don't forget that NVDA has what I think is a major improvement over other screen readers in its mouse tracking function.  Once you develop some slight skill in using the mouse to "scan" the page, even without being able to see exactly where the mouse is, you can get a very good "quick and dirty" knowledge of what is actually on that page, particularly in regard to controls and general content.  I have tried to teach my clients to not "be afraid of the mouse" when used for this purpose and to be willing to actually use it for left and right click (which is easy to do if you keep it in a caddy so it can't move across the surface on which it rests).  I don't often "succeed" (for lack of a better term) as much with an actual mouse as I do with a mouse pad, because it's a simple matter to mask the mouse pad with a piece of heavy cardboard for when you don't want to be activating it accidentally while still having full and easy access to the actual left and right mouse buttons.

I would imagine, based on the description of Golden Cursor, that there could be a powerful wedding between its ability to save a specific location for later "snapping to" and NVDA's mouse tracking to allow you to do a quick "fly over" of a page to find those locations you might want to use with Golden Cursor.

If I'm wrong about this I'm sure someone will set me straight as to how, and I'm more than willing to hear that.  This is conjecture based on very little knowledge of Golden Cursor.

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