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Well it cleans enough there are enhancers I have seen that can do more but they slow things down, as well as that piriform do not have any malware bar the google stuff and to be honest thats barely malware, as google has most of its services for free.
Its gotten slightly less accessible than it used to be but its still not that bad.
I mostly use its quick run options and no extra monitoring.

On 21/11/2016 9:35 a.m., Георги Ламбов wrote:

CCleaner was always accessible with screen readers! I use this program
until about 5 years and I'm very glad with it. I'm not going to change
it although there are many cleaning programs.

На 20.11.2016 г. в 20:54 ч., Brian Vogel написа:

CCleaner <>, a
product of Piriform, was known as "Crap Cleaner" way back when at the
time it was first released. It got changed to CCleaner when it became
a commercial product.

Crap Cleaner is an accurate description of its overall function,
though there are other specific ones such as the drive wiper that are
part of it. The main idea is that it goes through your system looking
for files that it knows often get left behind when programs are
installed/uninstalled, browser cache, etc., and removes them to free
up space.

I hasten to add that it has a Registry Cleaner function that I don't
suggest that anyone use. I used to use it and it never harmed any
machine I used it on, but as I've entered into more and more depth
regarding the registry I have become convinced that the camp that says
registry cleaners can unintentionally introduce many more problems
than they solve is correct. Just because it has the function is not a
good reason to use it.

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