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Okay, I remember you gave information on this Webbie suite but I can’t find it at the moment. I have been looking for a good replacement for both (one to do both or one for each) text/article feeds and podcasts. My paid for Qfeed just crashed yesterday and I can’t get it back.

Also, I am currently using gpodder for my audio and video podcasts but it is not accessible with NVDA so I have to use it with vision.


My main concerns for rss aggregators is that I can hide individual episodes that have been read/played and only show new episodes/articles.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] third party rss readers


Personally I am very happy with the RSS Reader Program provided free along with the other Webbie Accessible Suite of Programs.


There has been a recent slight tsimplification of the program to improve stability where I understand automatic Feed Refresh after the program has been loaded has been removed.


I do not personally find this a problem as all I do is cursor down my list of available feeds. I then hit control R which not only refreshes the feed rapidly but also open up the table of available articles in the feed automatically. then  I just  press enter on the Feed article and it will load in your browser.

Press escape in the article list and you will go back to the feed list.

Very simple but it works great.


I paid for the QFeed program from Accessible Apps but to be honest this Free program is far far more stable and fast at loading. RSS Reader has never crashed on me whilst this was a frequent problem with QFeed.  Also the support from Alasdair King is good whilst the support on problems with the paid for QFeed is non-existent.



David Griffith


20/11/2016 12:47, Christopher Bartlett wrote:

Has anyone found a desktop rss reader that works well with NVDA?  I'm currently using, which is a distinctly dissatisfactory service.


Christopher Bartlett


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