Re: third party rss readers

Sukil Etxenike <sukiletxe@...>


Wow, I didn't know that mode existed in Firefox. How is it activated?


El 21/11/2016 a las 9:57, Salva escribió:
A mode of visualisation like the reader mode in iOS or Mac. It filters the advers and only show you the text. It only appears wen the text is laveled article.

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El 21 nov 2016, a las 9:55, Sukil Etxenike via Groups.Io <sukiletxe@...> escribió:

I also use Firefox. What's the reading mode?


El 21/11/2016 a las 9:12, Simone Dal Maso escribió:
I simply use Firefox with the bookmark live.
And when I want to read an article I activate the reading mode.

For the iphone instead I use lire rss.

Il 20/11/2016 13:47, Christopher Bartlett ha scritto:
Has anyone found a desktop rss reader that works well with NVDA?  I'm
currently using <>, which is a distinctly
dissatisfactory service.

Christopher Bartlett

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