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Look in the system tray.  As far as adobe updates are concerned, I don't know what programs you receive these notifications for.  You can update Adobe Reader from within the program if you can't from the system tray.  Adobe Flash can be updated on the Flash web site.  If you are going to use the web site, let us know so we can discuss avoiding having extra potentially unwanted programs installed when you update.
My point is that you don't have to use help balloons to do most things of this sort.  The system tray or in the programs themselves will usually provide options.  For a lot of things, help balloons are not exclusive.  there is usually another way to do the same things.

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Subject: [nvda] how do you perform these updates

Hi listers ken with a question.  I repeatedly get, new notifications from both java and adobe saying updates are available click here but by the time you do anything the balloon or icon is gone.  the notification isn’t in the action senter on windows 10.  the computer had been on for over two hours before they popped up this time.  all my screen reader sees is the microsoft edge running pandora window.  these are apparently critical updates.  how do I get to them manually to allow the updates to install.  it is only on the screen for a fraction of a second.  by the time NVDA is saying click here to comtinue there is no here to click. 

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