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Mallard <mallard@...>

Hello Brian,

Many thanks for this one. I'm going to install it myself, and recommend it to other visually impaired and sighted friends alike.



Il 21/11/2016 16:37, Brian Vogel ha scritto:

Following up Gene's mention of avoiding having bundled potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) installed, I cannot recommend anything more highly than Unchecky <>. I initially learned about this and suggested installing it only to my blind and visually impaired clients, but very quickly dropped that limitation and now recommend it to all. I use it myself so that if I get in a hurry and miss one of those checkboxes I should have unchecked it is done for me.

Yes, it runs constantly as a background process, but its resource footprint is incredibly small and light. If you want to avoid PUPs, which have become so common since the scourge of endless bundling as become /de rigueur,/ Unchecky is an excellent tool for doing so and is the PUP equivalent of an antivirus scanner.

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