Re: The mail app in windows 10

matthew dyer


CTRL R should work. I do find that you are not told when it is safe to type. I wish they would fix this.


On 11/21/2016 03:46 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:
Hi guys

Just a quick question. In windows 10 in the mail app is there a way of
replying to a message or even forwarding it on? I can not seem to find
any buttons or no matter what I do to reply to a message or forward one.
fIs this the way the app is designed more just to read and delete etc.

I did also notice that when you typed in to the message of the body plus
the subject line there was no key echo, but would read back what you typed.

I was seeing if it worked or not as one of my hotmail accounts refuses
to work now and no matter what I do in mozilla thunderbird to make it
work is no longer working.

Gene nz

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