FW: [win10] Problems with NVDA Remote.


Can someone reply to this person offlist please?

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We tried installing NVDA Remote on my friend's computer so I could help her with some possible virus or adware problems, and everything looked like it was going great until we went to actually use it.
Basically, it's just not showing up. She has the latest version of NVDA (we had to update it), the latest version of NVDA Remote, and NVDA says it's installed. But when we look under tools in the NVDA menu, it's just not there. I have it in my tools menu, but not her.
She's running Windows 7 64-bit on a laptop. What the heck is going on here? I'd really like to help her out with some computer stuff in general, and she's not an advanced NVDA user. JAWS Tandum is also out of the question; you need to be on the same JAWS version as the other person, and she's one or two JAWS releases behind me. This totally sucks! Any advice is very much appreciated!


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