Important notice: Freelists list archive freeze in effect, instant switchover to end on March 21st, let us depart Freelists version #adminnotice


*** For Groups.IO members: a copy of this message was sent to Freelists version; this is an informational message for Groups.IO members and a critical message for Freelists members. ***


Dear members of the NVDA users list:


This is an important message from the list moderators. For Groups.IO members, this is an informational announcement; for members of the Freelists forum, this is a critical message (please read):


Instant switchover service: For members on the Freelists forum: if you weren’t able to subscribe to Groups.IO forum (, please let Nimer and I (Joseph) know by sending an email to so one of us can add you directly. This “instant switchover service” will end on March 21, 2016.


Unsubscribing from the Freelists version: If you haven’t done so, now is the time to depart the Freelists group (nvda-request@... with the subject line of “unsubscribe”). If the email method isn’t working, please send a message to for assistance. Anyone left by the close of NVDACon 2016 (end of April) will be removed.


List archive freeze on Freelists version: As of this moment our Freelists forum has entered list archive freeze. This means no more new threads will be allowed on the Freelists version (this does not affect Groups.IO forum, so regularly scheduled broadcasts may continue). This is to ensure smooth transfer of list archives to Groups.IO (which could happen anytime); once the archives are integrated, Nimer or I will send an announcement regarding this.


No new members allowed on Freelists forum: In addition to list archive freeze, as part of the list closure plan, no new members will be allowed on the Freelists version nor admins will accept list subscription requests to Freelists version (requests to join the Groups.IO (via direct add) will still be honored until March 21st as part of the instant switchover service).


Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send an email to



NVDA International Users List moderators


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