Re: Clarification: screen reader name change and its impact

Aravind R

i feel, its time for enhancing NVDA's accessibility features to
various programmes and app support rather than consentrating on name

On 3/19/16, nasrin khaksar <nasrinkhaksar3@...> wrote:
nvda is a very good and familiar name.
it does not need to change.

On 3/19/16, Lenron <lenron93@...> wrote:
the name is fine the way it is.

On 3/19/16, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hi all,

Some of you asked why can't NV Access change the name of NVDA to
else. Here are the reasons why (some of them technical):

* NVDA is a desktop program (not a WinRT or universal app), thus
name "NonVisual Desktop Access" makes sense.

* NVDA was originally designed to access desktop programs. With
advent of Windows Runtime (WinRT) and Universal Windows Platform (UWP),
developers (including I) are working on enhanced support for new style

* Add-on extensions: With the assumption that NVDA will stand
"NonVisual Desktop Access", the extension of add-ons has been defined as
"nvda-addon". Changing the name of the screen reader will cause
for add-on authors, especially those overseeing community add-ons
and are charged with reviewing new add-ons (I'm an add-on author and
as a reviewer, and I'm the current quarterly add-on release
coordinator/manager, tasked with consulting other add-on authors as to
should go into seasonal maintenance versions of various add-ons).

Thus, when we do change a screen reader's name, not only it impacts
but also its brand image, technical side of things and so on.

Hope this helps.



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