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David Moore


I definitely recommend the Golden cursor add on, because you can use it to move the mouse pointer with the arrow keys, and much more than that, you can save mouse pointer positions for the pointer to move right to. It is just like setting up place markers, but these are saved positions on the screen that you can have the pointer move right to, and then you can click with your mouse or touch pad. You can access a lot with that add on. I use the place markers add on a lot as well.

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David Moore



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From: Gene New Zealand
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I guess it depends what you want to do.


Some people have found the golden cursor pretty good and for the sighted

to see what is been focused on by nvda the focus highlighter add on is

good. For me i use also the vlc add on for the vlc media player.



Do you know where to look to locate teh addons in nvda.


When nvda is running use the nvda key + the letter N. When it comes up

arrow down to tools, then a sub menu will come off it.

You will then need to go to manage add ons, then press the enter key.

Under that section is a button called get add ons i think it is called.

Press the enter key on it then the browser will open to the nvda add on

web page.


If you are interested i do have a written and audio tutorial on how to

install them remove them etc along with a list of add ons, so far found


The link to this page if off my Accessibility website and is

separate to the nvda community add on website.


You may find some other information you might be interested in off the

pages connected to this one on NVDA and also other blindness related



hope this helps.


Gene nz


On 24/11/2016 8:41 AM, Don H wrote:

> Once again just getting started with NVDA after being a long term user

> of Window Eyes.  I have NVDA installed on a Win 10 system. Primary

> uses are web surfing and Email.  Have IE, Google Chrome and Firefox

> installed and use Thunderbird as my Email client.

> So now to the question, are there some must have addon's for best

> performance and other addon's that are otherwise suggested?

> Thanks






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