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Yes it is a real pain to find some apps or bits of windows use Edge code no matter what your default browser is set to. If all they are doing is rendering html I fail to see the logic in forcing the Edge onto people this way.

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Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 5:03 PM
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Try resetting your default browser, or manually setting the program that opens html files.
On 11/23/2016 9:03 AM, Gene wrote:
I'm not sure why that is but one solution might be that once it opens,
copy the address from the address bar in Edge and then close Edge.
Open Internet Explorer, paste the address into Internet Explorer and
open the page there.
Then make a favorite so you can open it directly in Internet Explorer.

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*From:* Don H <mailto:lmddh50@...>
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Maybe I didn't make myself clear regarding the problem. When I open the
NVDA menu move down and expand the help menu and press enter on user
guide the guide opens in Edge. I have IE set as my default browser.

On 11/23/2016 10:48 AM, Gene wrote:
Does that solve the problem? I believe you were specifically asking
about how to get help for Internet Explorer in Internet Explorer. For
other programs where this happens, you should be able to open at least
the main help document from within the program. F1 often brings it up.
If not, look in the menus. When getting to know an unfamiliar program,
looking through the menus is often a good way to learn many things.


*From:* Don H <mailto:lmddh50@...>
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With IE open F1 brings up the IE help using IE.

On 11/23/2016 10:14 AM, Gene wrote:
Open Internet Explorer and see what happens if you issue the command f1.

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*From:* Don H <mailto:lmddh50@...>
*Sent:* Wednesday, November 23, 2016 10:05 AM
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As I said following your steps I have IE set as my default browser.
Help documents still open in Edge.

On 11/23/2016 9:58 AM, Andre Fisher wrote:
1. Press Windows key+I to go to the Settings app.
2. Depending on which version of Windows 10 you are using, you might
need to Tab till you hear System. Press Enter on it.
3. Use the Down Arrow until you hear Default Apps. Press Enter
4. Press Tab continuously till you hear Web browser: Microsoft Edge or
5. Press Enter and Tab to Internet Explorer.
Press Enter and close the app.

That's it!

On 11/23/16, Don H <lmddh50@... <mailto:lmddh50@...>
Running Win 10 and have IE set as my default browser. When I select
help within the NVDA menu it opens the help documentation in MS Edge.
Is there a way to get it to open within IE or is there a way to get
documentation in txt format?

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