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I forgot to mention one feature Windows Live Mail has that I really like.  You can read mail as plain text and, if you find a message you want to read as HTML, you can open the message and have that message shown as HTML using one command.  It will show the opened message as HTML and when you close it and move to another message and open it, it will again be shown as plain text.  The command is alt shift h.  The command is also available in Outlook Express.

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From: Gene
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 7:34 PM
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Opinions may differ.  You may want to try Windows Live Mail.  The newer version uses ribbons.  The older version uses menus but you will have to get the older version from an individual.  Microsoft no longer distributes it.  I've heard contradictory things about whether the old version runs in Windows 10. 
One difference between Windows Live Mail and thunderbird that I consider somewhat substantive is that you can't make message rules in Windows Live Mail if you are using an IMAP account. Thunderbird lets you do so.
You can make message rules on the server level so using Windows Live Mail doesn't preclude message rules but I've never looked into how this is done.
Aside from that, I consider Windows Live Mail to have small advantages, but they may matter enough to consider.
Windows Live Mail has a very convenient short cut.  You can return to the default inbox from any folder if you issue the command control I. 
also, you can rearange the order of header fields and determine which fields are shown from the keyboard.  Thunderbird requires using a mouse or your screen-reader's drag and drop feature.  You can't rearange the order of fields or determine which fields are displayed from the keyboard.
And the question of rearanging the order of columns is made more important because Thunderbird shows and reads header columns in an order that a lot of blind people wouldn't want.  It reads the subject first, then the from line.  If it followed the standard order, the question of not being able to rearrange columns from the keyboard might be of slight matter.  But since the columns are in an order that would be considered undesirable for many blind people, that matter becomes more important.
Windows 10 has its own e-mail app but I'll let others comment on that.  I don't have Windows 10 and I haven't used it nor learned much about it.

From: Don H
Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2016 3:13 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] strange thing happening in thunderbird

OK when using NVDA as your primary screen reader is there a better
choice for a Email client than Thunderbird?  I currently don't have
access to outlook.

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