Re: downloading a file using NVDA

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

In general, when you hit a download button, the file will download, (though nvda gives no indication of this) To find it, just go look in your downloads folder, or open the downloads view in the browser. This took some getting used to for me, but to be honest, I kind of like it now, since it doesn't interrupt my browsing experience, I just hit the download button, then continue reading through the page, and when all is finished, I can then go check the status of the downloads.

On 11/24/2016 10:55 AM, Don H wrote:
So I go to the addon's web site and pick the addon I want to download. I find a button for downloading the stable version of the addon. I hit enter on the download button and nothing seems to happen. With Window Eyes when you do the same you are given a status bar that you read with alt n and it gives you the option of open or save and with a selection of save the download begins. Then when the download is complete you are given several options whether to open the file and such.
So with NVDA what are the exact steps to download from a web page?

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