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Dear all,
Thank you for your time, support and advise. With best regards always

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Hi, is this the same machine you spoke to me about some time ago. One of the

biggest issues with laptops is that they contain a lot of bespoke hardware.
Thus even if the core machine could run Windows 10, it is probable that the
drivers for the hardware within it have not been written. It is probably
best to talk to the makers of the laptop and ask first. My feeling is that
they may have Windows 7 drivers, depending on how old it is, and to be
honest I find 7 faster than Vista was. Otherwise you are unfortunately
stuck with it as it is. Maybe turn off all the bells and whistles on windows

to speed it up a a bit is all one can say.
It also has to be said that if nvda will not run on it it probably has not
got the latest service pack installed. I'd imagine this might now be hard to

come by, unless its archived somewhere, but I can say that an up to date
vista can run nvda with no issues.
Hope this helps you out.

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Subject: [nvda] Please help

Dear All,

I am visually impaired and at very infant stages of understanding all the
technical terms of computers.

Please can any one help as to how or if I can still upgrade to window 10
I missed out the free upgrade.

I have an old Vista laptop and using NVDA Microsoft word, office 2003

I will greatly appreciate and look forward to any help

With kind regards Sakina

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