Re: can't record my screen reeder and my voice

Chris Mullins

I haven't done it using a USB microphone, just a standard plug-in jack type,
but try opening your sound card properties interface, go to the recording
properties tab and press enter on the microphone properties button. This
opens a multi-page dialog and on the second tab there is a "listen to this
device' check box which you should check, tab to ok then close the sound
card interface. You should now be able to hear your own voice through the
speakers/headphones. I don't know what software you are recording with, I
use Audacity and set the input source to speakers (loopback).


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It depends on what recording software you are using, but try looking for an
option like stereo mix in your list of recording devices.
unlikely that this is an NVDA-specific issue.

On 3/18/2016 1:46 PM, Bobby wrote:
I am using nvda and I am trying to do a pod cast butt I have a usb
microphone. I just got this microphone and the good news is I can only
record my screen reader butt the bad news is my voice won't come through at
all please help me

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