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Chris Mullins

Google Chrome is a browser in it's own right and works very well with NVDA 2016.1 and Windows 7.


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From: Arlene [mailto:nedster66@...]
Sent: 18 March 2016 22:50
Subject: Re: [nvda] google chrome comment

Hi, Will Chrome work on both IE and Firefox. Or is it a browser like IE and Fire Fox. Sorry this sounds dumb!

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From: David Moore [mailto:jesusloves1966@...]
Sent: March-18-16 1:35 PM
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Hi scott,
I am so glad for you. I have Chrome as my default browser as well, and it is so much faster. The same web site loads up twice as fast, and Chrome is great for streaming. If I can be of more help to any of you, just let me know. Have a great one.

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From: Scott VanDeWalle
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2016 12:40 PM
Subject: [nvda] google chrome comment

I'd just like to let yall know i'm up with google chrome now.
It seems very very good for the most part.
I don't know what the issue was when i tried it before.
But, i even set it as my default browser.
I still hope edge becomes better because i like to use cortana and if i remember correctly google and cortana don't really work good together, especially when your search engine is not and the browser edge.
Or will the extention chromtana or whatever its called do the same thing?
And, again, thanks for the suggestions from yall and thanks again to David for the tutorial.
Just fyi, it stays on my computer and no futher.. smile.


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