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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Gene,


I do know about automatic focus mode. I think that's what the original poster meant--not browse mode.




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From the manual:

Automatic focus mode for focus changes
This option allows focus mode to be invoked if focus changes. For example, when on a web page, if you press tab and you land on a form, if this option is checked, focus mode will automatically be invoked.
Automatic focus mode for caret movement
This option, when checked, allows NVDA to enter and leave focus mode when using arrow keys. For example, if arrowing down a webpage and you land on an edit box, NVDA will automatically bring you into focus mode. If you arrow out of the edit box, NVDA will put you back in browse mode.
Audio indication of Focus and Browse modes
If this option is enabled, NVDA will play special sounds when it switches between browse mode and focus mode, rather than speaking the change.


My comments:

One way to open the browse mode dialog is with the command insert b or insert b if you are using the desktop layout. You can use either insert.  This command may work in the laptop layout as well, I haven't checked.


In this case, we don't know what behavior you want.  It isn't just a question of turning this behavior on and off.  Different options cause different behavior as the manual excerpt shows.



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> Hi all,
> How do I turn on auto brows mode?
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> Chris
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